Soros-Backed Group Targets Election Integrity

Soros-Backed Group Targets Election Integrity

Soros Group Exposed – New Dangerous Mission Confirmed

( – As if there weren’t enough worries about integrity in our electoral system, a liberal campaign group wants to relax the rules even more. Michiganders will soon be asked to decide the fate of a constitutional amendment that would make it much easier to cast a vote — and much harder to check if it is valid.

On August 1, Promote the Vote, a left-wing campaign group funded by activist billionaire George Soros, filed an application for a referendum on an amendment to Michigan’s state constitution. If passed, it would massively expand early and absentee voting rights in the state. All voters would be entitled to have absentee ballots sent to them for every election, along with taxpayer-funded prepaid envelopes to return them. Municipalities would also have to provide 24-hour accessible drop boxes. Military and overseas ballots would be counted up to six days late as long as they were postmarked on or before election day.

Worryingly, the amendment would also prevent the enforcement of ID checks. Left-wing activists are obsessed with removing basic security requirements from the process, and this time, they’re trying to get their demands embedded in the state constitution. If they succeed, every future election in Michigan could have all the problems we saw in 2020.

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