Some States Got More Than Their Fair Share

Some States Got More Than Their Fair Share

( – Every state got some amount of federal aid from the $2.2 trillion CARES Act. Because the needs of each state are different, it’s natural to see varying amounts of money be distributed across America. There’s just one problem; some states got a significantly larger chunk of funding per case of COVID-19 compared to others.

Low-population states like Wyoming, Montana, Alaska, and Hawaii have, as expected, a lower total number of COVID-19 infections. Yet, they received aid valued at around 80% of their total annual budgets. This aid ranged from about $2 million for Wyoming, with around 600 cases, to $3.4 million for Alaska, with approximately 371 cases — per COVID-19 infection.

Compare that per-patient rate to the average of $24,000 in New York and $27,000 in New Jersey, and it’s clear to see that not all states were given equivalent relief.

The federal guidelines require the allocated money to be used for virus-related expenses. It can’t be used to make up for lost tax revenue or other general economic issues. Whether or not those smaller states have used the funding they received for non-COVID-19 activities has yet to be determined.

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