Some Prisoners to Get Home Confinement

Some Prisoners Get Home Confinement

( – Individuals, small businesses, and corporations are doing what they can to deal with the coronavirus. However, not much attention is being paid to some of our most important institutions, though. Due to their very nature, prisons are a potential breeding ground for a COVID-19 outbreak.

Attorney General William Barr hasn’t forgotten. On Thursday, he ordered the federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP) to implement more cases of home confinement for inmates. Barr wants to avoid our prisons becoming a nightmare zone.

In Barr’s eyes, there are a number of low-risk prisoners who are elderly or at a higher risk for complications of the virus, who could be quarantined at home to reduce the chances of mass infection in our prisons. The First Step Act that President Trump signed into law in 2018, expanded the BOP’s ability to have more low-risk inmates be confined in their homes. Barr wants a 14-day quarantine for prisoners chosen to be viable for residential confinement.

While controversial, this could be an important step in helping America reduce the potential outbreak of COVID-19 among some of our most highly-vulnerable populations.

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