Somali “Refugees” Arrested For Supporting ISIS

Two fake refugees have been arrested in Arizona on suspicion of terrorism offenses, the Department of Justice announced on July 29th. The two Somali nationals came to the US claiming their lives were in danger if they stayed in their own country, and were given sanctuary in the finest American tradition — but their real aim was to spread chaos and death. This is why President Trump wants us to be more careful about accepting refugees — they’re not always what they claim to be.


The Justice Department announced that two Somali men, Ahmad Mahad Mohammed and Abdi Yemani Hussein, had been arrested by FBI agents at Tucson International Airport. The men, ages 21 and 20, are being held on charges of conspiring to provide material support and resources to the Islamic State (ISIS), the notoriously brutal terror group that terrorized and slaughtered its way across Syria and Iraq before being crushed by a US-led coalition.

  • Mohammed — who had obtained lawful permanent resident status — and Hussein made contact with an undercover FBI agent, who they believed to be an ISIS supporter.
  • The agent was posing as a Somali jihadist on social media when Mohammed contacted him and volunteered to help ISIS. Then Hussein joined the discussion, also volunteering to become a terrorist.
  • Among Mohammed’s claims was that he wanted to be the new Jihadi John, “beheading the kuffar like animal (sic).” (Kuffar is an Arabic word used to indicate non-Muslims.) The original Jihadi John, Kuwaiti-born Mohammed Emwazi, was killed by a joint US/British air strike in 2015 after murdering at least seven western and Japanese hostages and an unknown number of Syrian soldiers.
  • Mohammed also claimed that if he was blocked from traveling “I will make attack with truck or anywhere that can kill so many kuffar.”
  • Meanwhile, Hussein said he wants to travel around the world and “make explosion.” Both men told the agent they planned to travel to the Sinai peninsula.
  •  Because Mohammed didn’t have a passport, he applied through a humanitarian agency for a Form I-131 travel document. The FBI confirmed this. While he waited for the form, he and Hussein discussed ways to carry out an attack in the US if they couldn’t travel to Egypt.
  • On July 26th, the pair checked in for a flight from Tucson International to Cairo, Egypt. After they passed through airport security they were arrested by the FBI.
  • President Trump recently said we need to be more careful about who’s allowed in as a refugee. The administration is planning more thorough checks, to make sure refugees are genuine and aren’t planning to commit mass murder once they reach the US. Liberals are appalled at these plans; after Monday’s announcement, most ordinary Americans are likely to understand why they’re needed.

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