Socialist Sanders Makes Surprising Move During Senate Vote

Socialist Sanders Makes Surprising Move During Senate Vote

( – Bernie Sanders has been quick to criticize the president for not taking the coronavirus pandemic seriously enough. On Sunday, he had his own chance to make a difference by taking part in a key Senate vote on a vital bill to protect our workers and businesses from the economic effects of the virus – and he blew it.

Bernie decided that US workers could go hang because he was going to do a livestream with a couple of rookie congresswomen instead.


On Sunday, the Senate met to consider a massive $1.8 trillion emergency funding package designed to protect sick workers and keep businesses afloat during the coronavirus crisis. It needed 60 votes to pass – but with a 47-47 tie, it’s still stuck in negotiation hell.

  • Senator Bernie Sanders (D-VT) wants the government to spend more money on American workers. Now, President Trump is trying to push through a massive spending bill designed to protect jobs and make sure workers can pay their bills while the crisis is on – but Bernie couldn’t be bothered to turn up and vote for it.
  • Instead of sitting in the Senate and unlocking the financial aid American workers are crying out for, the antique socialist decided to stay at home and take part in a live stream with freshman representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) and two other members of her notorious “Squad” – Rashida Tlaib (D- MI) and Ilhan Omar (D-MN).
  • Sanders spent most of the live stream complaining about the financial aid package. He has a problem with bailouts for major industries, including airlines and hotels; Sanders calls this “corporate welfare” and thinks the money should go to “protect workers” instead.
  • What he doesn’t seem to realize is that keeping companies afloat is protecting workers – it means they can meet their payroll obligations and don’t have to let people go. Thousands of Americans are already losing their jobs every day, and the longer the funding bill is delayed, the worse it’s going to get.
  • The problem is that Sanders and other leftists aren’t really interested in supporting workers threatened by the epidemic; they want to use the bill to push through ideals they’ve been demanding for years.
  • Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) issued a no-holds-barred statement Sunday night pointing out partisan political games are denying American workers and businesses the cash they need to survive. Bernie Sanders could have helped get that cash released, but he preferred to talk to his cheerleaders instead.

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