Socialism = $300 Haircuts

Socialism = $300 Haircuts

It’s no secret that loudmouth Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) is a complete hypocrite when one attempts to see if she walks the walk or simply talks the talk. Her Uber expenses are through the roof for someone who believes that man-made climate change is destroying the world. She’s also flip-flopped her political position when the situation gets too hot for her to handle.

AOC’s latest slip up involves her reportedly $300 haircut.

This blatantly socialist politician is willing to fork over the same amount of an American’s above-average monthly grocery bill for a simple hair cut. AOC is sending us mixed messages, intentionally or not. Does AOC want to implement a “$300 Hair Cuts for All” policy, or does she just want to siphon money from hard-working Americans for her next perm?

This is a genuinely difficult question to answer given how much AOC bumbles her way around the political arena. What do you think? Be sure to comment

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