Snoop Dogg Offers Startling Endorsement

( – Puck magazine (English version published 1877-1918) hit the newsstands on May 3, 1899, with a political cartoon that coined a phrase that is still widely used today, “politics makes strange bedfellows.” In that vein, certain people who are expressing their admiration for and/or outright endorsing former President Donald Trump in his bid to reclaim the White House in 2024 are causing eyebrows to climb upward.

Fo’ Shizzle my Nizzle

American actor and rap legend Snoop Dogg (born Calvin Broadus Jr.) could be called colorful if one were given to understatement, and has made a career out of putting words together in his songs. He’s also unafraid of simply making phrases up like the one above, which simply means “for sure, my friend.”

During Trump’s first term in office, the two engaged in a war of words: Snoop through his music and the ex-president via the media. However, now the rapper seems to be singing a different tune based on recent public comments that he has made.

Snoop expressed his “love and respect” for the current Republican party primary front-runner and said that Trump had “done only great things for me.” He then recounted when the ex-POTUS “pardoned [he actually commuted the sentence]” of Michael Harris, a co-founder of Death Row, which was the first record label to sign the rapper.

Not the Only Shocker

Snoop isn’t alone in trying to get eyebrows to meet hairlines. Fellow rap star Sexyy Red (born Jenae Wherry) recently threw her support behind Trump as well. In an appearance on Theo Von’s podcast, she forgave the former president’s bluster that was labeled racist and misogynistic and also noted his grants of clemency and pardons to numerous Black inmates.

Satirist, author, and creator of the iconic Dilbert comic strip Scott Adams doesn’t necessarily present himself as one who only votes as a hard-core Liberal, but he did once say that he held a political position that is “left of Bernie [Sanders, Vermont’s Socialist Democrat Senator].” For 2024, he wrote on Truth Social, “I enthusiastically endorse” Trump because of his position on the Mexican drug cartels and the fentanyl flooding across the border.

Of course, one does not have to express their all-out support for Trump to bring the Righteous Wrath of the Leftists down upon oneself and send them into conniption fits worthy of any Vaudeville comedy troops. Teamsters Union (no longer considered a major voting bloc for Democrats) president Sean O’Brien took a meeting with the one-time POTUS to discuss the labor group’s concerns.

If one thinks that this went over well, they’d be wrong. Higher-ups in the local chapters publicly expressed opinions like, “a vote for Trump is another vote against the working class” went for inflammatory comments. In reference to a photograph of Trump and O’Brien, the secretary-treasurer of Teamsters Local 808 proclaimed that “they are Confederates.”

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