Sleepy Joe Won’t Hold Rallies

Sleepy Joe Won't Hold Rallies

( – On Tuesday, June 30, presumed Democrat presidential nominee Joe Biden showed his true colors — again. He announced he won’t be holding any campaign rallies in the run-up to November’s election, even though President Trump has restarted his own rally program. Biden says his decision is down to the coronavirus pandemic, but it’s bound to add to the criticism of his basement-centered campaign strategy.


President Trump has mocked challenger Joe Biden for hiding in his basement to avoid the election campaign, and Republicans are calling him Punxsutawney Joe, after the famous groundhog. However, Biden still isn’t in any hurry to look for his shadow.

  • At his first press conference since early April, Biden told reporters he won’t be holding any rallies between now and the election.
  • Citing medical advice, Biden said, “This is the most unusual campaign, I think, in modern history. I’m gonna follow the doc’s orders, not just for me, but for the country.”
  • It’s true that the recent spike in Chinese virus infections is a concern, and the Trump campaign has canceled one of its upcoming events following a surge of cases in the area, but there are other reasons Biden might prefer to avoid the limelight.
  • Biden’s campaign so far has been plagued by embarrassing gaffes and bouts of confusion. By the time he went into basement exile, his apparent cognitive issues were becoming a real liability to his chances. In fact, a recent poll shows that even 20% of Democrat voters think the former vice president is suffering from some form of dementia. Among Republicans that’s 66%.
  • Many Biden supporters are increasingly happy with his stay-at-home strategy, although they’re not admitting it’s because his public appearances probably do his chances of election more harm than good.
  • Some repeat Biden’s own line about the virus risk. Hilary Rosen, one of his advisers, took a different tack. “Trump is running against Trump. And it’s smart of Biden to not get in the way of that,” she said.

Meanwhile, President Trump is very clear that he’s running against Biden, and he’s likely to be encouraged by this latest display of the Democrat’s timidity. It might be good for the president to have Biden out there running a stumbling, inept campaign, but having him refuse to campaign at all won’t hurt either.

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