Sleepy Joe Struggles in Iowa

Sleepy Joe Struggles in Iowa

( – Joe Biden isn’t just struggling with polls in comparison to Sen. Bernie Sanders (D-VT). He’s also attempting to retain voter confidence in Iowa with caucuses coming up soon. Democrats are starting to show concerns about Biden not being able to stand up to President Trump if he wins the DNC nomination.

Let’s be honest, though. No one can really stand up to Trump.

Even if he wasn’t going against our extremely successful president, Sleepy Joe is constantly blundering in the midst of crowds and when he talks to Iowans.

Biden has always been prone to gaffs and embarrassing moments, but he seems to be slipping more than usual as of late. Still, he’s at least presenting an air of confidence when he says stuff like “I took on Trump all over the country, and we beat him. In fact, we beat him like a drum. We’re going to beat him on the issues, flat out.”

From the looks of it, Biden would be the one beat like a drum on a debate stage with Trump.

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