Sidney Powell: “Evidence That Hundreds of Thousands of Ballots” Have to Be Discarded

Sidney Powell:

( – The battle lines have been drawn as the nation awaits the final verdict in the 2020 presidential election. Aided by the mainstream media, the Biden campaign claims victory, although the vote count remains incomplete. The Trump campaign, with its team of able attorneys, continues presenting evidence of voting irregularities in the courts.

Sidney Powell, Michael Flynn’s attorney, dropped a major bomb on team Biden’s efforts during a Fox News interview on November 11. As Powell explained, the statistical evidence showing election fraud is “stunning.”

According to Powell, there were several incidents of the exact same number of ballots being injected into the Wisconsin and Michigan voting systems. Powell stated this happened twice in Michigan and three times in Wisconsin. Additionally, four other states, “deviated significantly” from legislatively mandated procedures.

The result of these irregularities, as Powell explained, is “tons of evidence” that hundreds of thousands of ballots will need to be rejected.

It’s time for the Biden campaign to take a few backward steps and let campaign officials and the courts get to the bottom of all the allegations of campaign irregularities and fraud. He owes America transparency, and if necessary, its day in court.

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