Shot Fired Outside Kamala Harris’ Home

Shots Fired Outside Kamala Harris' Home

( – The consequences of the Democrats’ weak crime policies are starting to hit uncomfortably close to home. Recently at least one shot was fired near the vice president’s house. There’s no evidence she was specifically targeted, but her Secret Service detail had to respond to the incident.

Around 1:30 a.m. on April 17, someone started shooting at 34th and Massachusetts in Washington, DC — close to the US Naval Observatory in the area where Vice President Kamala Harris lives. Agents from the Secret Service’s Uniformed Division responded, closing roads and clearing the scene. They discovered a shattered stoplight, which might have been hit by a bullet.

It turns out Harris and her husband, First Gentleman Doug Emhoff, weren’t even at home that night. They were both in Los Angeles, where Harris was recording a podcast and visiting a green energy company. However, the Naval Observatory is guarded by the Secret Service even when the vice president isn’t in her residence.

Now the Secret Service will be asking if it’s guarded closely enough. Washington, DC, has always had a reputation for crime — in 2020, the city’s crime rate was 1.8 times the national average — but historically, it’s mostly happened in the southern suburbs. Now it’s spilled over into the more affluent north and into the central business and government districts. Even Liberals are starting to get nervous, with the Washington Post discussing it in an editorial last September.

The problem is the Democrats not only aren’t doing anything about it; in fact, they’re making it worse.

Spurred on by the George Floyd riots, liberal city governments and district attorneys have enacted a range of soft justice policies. Civil unrest and criminal damage have been tolerated if the perpetrators are supporting the “right” causes, while repeat offenders are spared prison and released to commit more crimes. Will the shooting near Harris’s home change that? It seems unlikely.

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