Shortage of Contrast Dye Hits Hospitals — Patients Are at High Risk

Shortage of Contrast Dye Hits Hospitals --- Patients Are at High Risk

New CRITICAL SHORTAGE Hits Hospitals – People Could Die

( – The global supply chain crisis has struck again. This time, it’s a shortage of a vital diagnostic fluid used in medical scans. Hospitals are already rationing supplies — and that could be putting lives at risk.

On May 18, a spokesperson for the American Hospital Association told NBC that hospitals are facing a shortage of contrast dye and that “this shortage has been going on for a couple weeks now.” Contrast dye is a fluid that’s injected into patients before they have certain tests. The dye shows up on CT and MRI scans as well as enhanced X-rays, and the way it circulates in the bloodstream lets doctors spot clots in the heart or brain — clots that can cause a heart attack or stroke.

Around half of US hospitals use contrast dye made by General Electric at a factory in Shanghai, and that factory was shut down for several weeks as Chinese authorities tried to impose a “zero COVID” policy — which failed. Now GE says the plant is reopening, but in the meantime, there’s a serious shortage of the dye.

Hospitals are already suffering. The University of Alabama at Birmingham is rationing scans and elective scans are being delayed. The University of Kansas medical system is restricting the use of contrast dye to critically ill patients. That means routine scans are being postponed or canceled — and health conditions that could have been caught early are being overlooked. Health chiefs believe the shortage could last through summer. Do we need any more incentives to bring vital industries back to the US?

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