SHOOTER Opens Fire – Anger Is Mounting

Shooter Opens Fire at Russian Recruitment Building

Shooter Opens Fire at Russian Recruitment Building

( – On September 21, President Vladimir Putin announced his decision to issue an executive decree ordering the “partial mobilization” of military forces in the Russian Federation to defend the “Motherland and its sovereignty” from neo-Nazis operating in Ukraine. His order only impacts military reservists who have “specific military occupational specialties.” Nevertheless, some Russians resorted to violence in response to Putin’s mandate.

On Monday, September 26, a lone gunman opened fire on a military recruitment station in Siberia, a northern Russian province. Twenty-five-year-old Ruslan Zinin was reportedly upset that a friend without prior military experience received a draft notice.

The Irkutsk’s provincial governor confirmed the center’s head was in critical condition at a local hospital on his Telegram account. He also vowed that Zinin “will absolutely be punished.”

A series of similar incidents also occurred throughout Russia. A man reportedly rammed his car into a military draft office in the southern town of Uryupinsk, about 428 miles south of Moscow. He then used Molotov cocktails to set the structure ablaze.

According to The Wall Street Journal, disgruntled individuals have launched 17 attacks against Russian recruitment offices and administrative buildings since Putin announced his decree. There have also been long lines of people leaving the country, allegedly to avoid fighting in Ukraine.

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