Shocking: Hospital Execs Punished

Shocking: Hospital Execs Punished

( – There’s no time or place for discrimination when it comes to providing medical care. However, that ethical truth didn’t stop at least two highly-placed hospital executives from making their political biases known in the face of this pandemic. The top-tier medical professionals were punished for expressing their highly-disturbing sentiments towards Trump supporters.

Laura Krolczyk, former vice president for external affairs at Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center and Lisa LaTrovato, director of development at Hauptman Woodward Medical Research Institute, both in Buffalo, NY, were captured sharing their insensitive views on social media. They clearly stated what they thought ought to happen to Trump supporters during this pandemic. These are screenshots of their “conversation” about how Trump voters should get COVID-19.

Krolczyk, initially placed on leave over the statements, was eventually terminated and LaTrovato was also placed on leave.

It’s extremely disturbing to see such disdain for any human life, as COVID-19 should not be wished on anyone, regardless of political affiliation. The fact that these high-profile liberals can express such views while the MSM ignores it is astonishing. As it happens, Krolczyk was a former Hillary Clinton aide, which could explain the lack of attention given to this story.

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