SHOCKING: City Agrees to Reparations

SHOCKING: City Agrees to Reparations

( – There’s been a reparations movement spreading across the country for years. Basically, it means the government — local or federal — will pay Black people money as an apology for slavery. It used to be a fringe idea that nobody took seriously, but that’s not so anymore, and one city is forcing their citizens to pay up.

On July 14, officials in Asheville, North Carolina voted to pay reparations to the city’s Black residents. The city council apologized for its role in slavery, and Councilman Keith Young said the blood of Black people spilled “basically fills the cup we drink from.”

The measure, which passed 7-0, won’t provide direct payments, but will be in the form of investments in low-income areas. The resolution states it may go toward “increasing minority homeownership,” neighborhood safety, jobs programs, criminal justice fairness, and other measures.

Apologizing for slavery is understandable. It’s not necessarily something a city has to do, given the fact it ended in 1865, but it’s a nice gesture. However, many think reparations are a bridge too far. How long before this idea spreads to other city councils across the country?

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