SHOCK! Biden Takes Surprising Stand

SHOCK! Biden Takes Suprising Stand

( – Joe Biden’s trying to walk a fine line between what the far left of the Democratic Party will accept and what the American people will vote for. The ongoing protests following the death of George Floyd have now forced him to pick sides on a controversial issue — the idea that the way to keep Americans safe is to get rid of all the cops.


Presumptive Dem presidential candidate Joe Biden confirmed Monday that he doesn’t want to abolish the police. As crazy as it is that this even needs to be said, it’s suddenly become a serious question – and a lot of Democrats are going to say Biden gave the wrong answer.

  • The cops who killed George Floyd have all been arrested and charged with murder or aiding and abetting murder, but protests and demands for reform are continuing. In the last few days, calls to defund or abolish police departments have escaped from the crackpot fringe and gone mainstream.
  • Biden’s been coming under increasing pressure, but up to today, he’s managed to avoid giving an answer. It’s not hard to guess – as Obama’s VP he actually drafted most of that administration’s law enforcement bills – but it seems he’s been hoping he could stay quiet and avoid criticism from the Left.
  • Unfortunately for him, his noncommittal approach left him open to pressure from the Right, and that happened Monday. In a blistering denunciation, Trump campaign director Tim Murtaugh slammed Biden as a weak leader who can’t stand up to the far Left’s demands.
  • It looks like the Biden campaign was embarrassed into giving a response, which was delivered Monday by campaign staffer Andrew Bates. Bates said, “As his criminal justice proposal made clear months ago, Vice President Biden does not believe that police should be defunded.”
  • Biden’s plans for policing include an extra $300 million in funding for community policing, but unlike the far Left, he thinks this policing should be delivered by actual police. Others are suggesting that communities can police themselves; even Biden doesn’t think this is realistic.
  • Bates went on to talk about how Biden wants ambitious reforms of policing, in an apparent attempt to keep both sides happy. However, it’s unlikely far-left Dems will be satisfied with anything short of defunding — an electorally toxic move that 80% of the population opposes.

Critics on the Right aren’t any more impressed. Murtaugh condemned the “weak statement from a mid-level staffer” and called on Biden himself to comment on the defunding movement. So far he hasn’t.

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