Sheriff Blasts Joe Biden for Destroying ICE

Sheriff Blasts Joe Biden for Destroying ICE

( – It’s getting increasingly difficult to tell if Joe Biden’s goal is undoing Donald Trump’s unprecedented number of accomplishments, undermining national security, or both. He’s dismantled most of Trump’s actions to secure the nation’s southern border, going so far as canceling further construction of the border wall.

Most recently, a series of emails and internal memos obtained by the mainstream media indicated the Biden administration is attempting to realign the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency (ICE). The Department of Homeland Security is expected to issue new guidelines to the agency later this week, basically giving undocumented immigrants a free pass to stay in the United States, including those who may have minor criminal histories.

Maryland Sheriff Chuck Jenkins reacted to the news during a Fox News interview on Monday, February 8. American’s should be “outraged” and “angry,” he told host Steve Doocy. He believes what Biden has done has the effect of ordering ICE agents to “stand down” to end future enforcement actions.

Illegal immigrants will roam the streets “with impunity,” he added. The overall effect of these changes will be dangerous and impact every community in the country leading to “total lawlessness,” he concluded. Trump understood the necessity for vigorous immigration enforcement. Who knows what Biden thinks?

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