“Shark Tank” Host ATTACKS Elon Musk — Reports a Flaw

“Shark Tank” Host Says Elon Musk Killed Twitter’s Most Important Feature

(RightWing.org) – The host of a reality TV show is complaining about Elon Musk’s reforms at Twitter. The tech billionaire has given the social media site a radical shakeup, and many people who held the platform’s coveted “blue check” verification mark aren’t happy. Has Musk really ruined Twitter — or has he turned it into a level playing field?

For years, Twitter’s blue check has been a sign of importance on the platform. Awarded to politicians, journalists, and businesses to prove that they really are who they say they are, it’s become the badge of the platform’s mainly-liberal elite. Blue check accounts could restrict their feeds to only show tweets from other verified users, letting them shut out ordinary people and exist in a bubble of high-status opinions.

Until now.

Within days of taking over Twitter, Elon Musk has thrown the site’s cozy masters-and-peasants model into chaos. Now, all you have to do to get a blue check is pay $8 a month — and thousands of ordinary users have already upgraded themselves.

The elite are horrified, and it shows. On November 10, Shark Tank host Mark Cuban complained that he’d just spent “too much time” muting all the regular people who had signed up for a check. When Musk replied that it’s working fine for him, Cuban whined that while the change has “democratized everyone’s contributions,” it had “killed the most valuable part of Twitter” — the ability to filter out contributions from ordinary people.

Ironically, Cuban went on to admit that he’d bought his own blue check. Meanwhile, other users pushed back, pointing out that his experience under the old system was “very different” and Musk is trying to “level the experience of an average person.” Is it wrong for everyone to have the same access, or does an elite deserve special treatment?

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