SF Takes Drastic Steps for Homeless

SF Takes Drastic Steps for Homeless

(RightWing.org) – The liberal paradise of San Francisco has a major homeless problem. Last year, President Trump singled out the Golden Gate city as well as Los Angeles as national embarrassments for their rampant homelessness issues. However, it seems that San Francisco is finding a way to fix their problem in light of the coronavirus.

In the Twitter thread below, Bigad Shaban, a local SF NBC investigative reporter, mentions that there are 3,700 homeless people in shelters in the area, but added there isn’t room for the other 5,000 who are still on the streets. A positive case that goes undetected in a homeless shelter could spread the virus — and fast.

Now, the city is using hotel rooms to shelter the homeless. However, there’s a catch. They can only be used for those who test positive for COVID-19 and are self-quarantining, or for those waiting for their test results.

While it’s good to see San Francisco cleaning up its streets, it may not be enough. The city is literally testing to see who gets a bed and who gets left out in the cold. If San Francisco doesn’t get its act together and protect its homeless population, it could become the next epicenter for COVID-19.

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