Severino Alledges the Left Is Intimidating the Supreme Court

( – Democrats have never been averse to finding justifications to work around the laws and legal precedent rendered by the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS). Sometimes they do it by simply ignoring the pesky little things, and other times, for all intents and purposes, they act like a toddler in the throes of an epic temper tantrum stomping their feet and making threats until they get their way. One judicial expert is now claiming the Left is trying to intimidate the Court by doing just that.

Liberal Tactics

Carrie Severino is president of the Judicial Crisis Network (JCN) and is a well-regarded expert on the laws of America who has appeared as a guest on shows across the political spectrum from Fox News to MSNBC. In a recent op-ed in the Daily Caller, she accused the Left of waging a war of “intimidation” against SCOTUS in general, and the Conservative justices currently making up the majority of its nine members specifically.

Severino claims that the Leftist plan of attack is two-pronged, first, the “defeat [of] originalist nominees (those who believe that the Constitution should be interpreted as it is written) [using] whatever illegitimate attacks can be conjured up.” She specifically brought up the confirmation hearings for Justice Brett Kavanaugh and the accusations made by Dr. Christine Blasey Ford that she was attacked by him at some vague point during their time in high school in the 1980s. An experienced sex crimes prosecutor questioned her during the committee hearings and found her testimony to be inconsistent and less than credible, but that has not stopped the Liberal Left from using it to this day.

The second axis of attack that Severino brings up is the way that Democrats try to “bully and delegitimize” the Conservatives who reject the idea of basing their legal opinions on “the policy-driven activism that is the hallmark of the modern Left.” This is a tactic that the Liberals have been using against Justice Clarence Thomas, which as political pundit Steven Hayward opined in an op-ed for the New York Post, stems from “a hatred of black conservatives and a hatred of billionaires.” He also writes about a parallel between Kavanaugh and Thomas since Thomas had to fight off the non-credible accusations by Anita Hill in 1991.

The other sledgehammer that the Democrats brought out during the 2020 presidential election primary season was the threat of court-packing, which would allow them to drown out the conservative voices in a sea of new liberal justices. A group of senators led by Senator Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI) went so far as to make a veiled threat to that effect in an amicus curiae brief that they had submitted in a case before SCOTUS.

They quoted a Quinnipiac University poll claiming that “a majority now believes the ‘Supreme Court should be restructured,'” stressing the issue of gun control, perhaps to make it relevant to the case at hand. Whitehouse and another group have introduced a bill that is now before the Senate Judiciary Committee, which if passed would mandate that a new justice be put on the bench every two years and that cases that come through the appeals process would be heard only by the nine most recently appointed.

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