Sessions to Announce Senate Bid

Sessions to Announce Senate Bid

Jeff Sessions, the former Alabama Senator, is looking to retake his seat in 2020.

Sessions represented Alabama in the Senate between 1997 and 2017. He then resigned from his position to serve under the Trump administration as Attorney General. Currently, the field is stacked against incumbent Democrat Sen. Doug Jones, who currently sits in Sessions’ old seat.

However, due to the controversy surrounding Trump’s cabinet, Sessions’ return to the Senate is viewed in a mixed light among Republicans. His seat was reliably red for two decades before being lost to a Dem. Given his term as Attorney General, plenty of Republicans aren’t happy with his untimely return to the campaign trail.

On one hand, some Americans believe that Sessions has a good stance on immigrants and other issues.

Others believe that his time as Attorney General has ruined his reputation and credibility to the point where he no longer deserves a position in politics.

What do you think about Jeff Sessions trying to take back his old Senate seat? Does he have a rightful claim to it, or is it time for another Republican to take the reigns? Let us know in the comments!

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