Senior Dems Prepare for Defections While Some Don’t See a Problem

Senior Dems Prepare for Defections While Some Don't See a Problem

Unsurprisingly, some moderate Democrat voters, also known as those with their heads on straight, may defect after witnessing the recent impeachment proceedings.

House Democrat leaders predict that they could lose anywhere from two to six (or even more) blue seats in 2020.

Really, who didn’t see this coming? Apparently the Dems who are invested neck-deep in their witch hunt, that’s who. However, somehow, upper House Dem leadership has the foresight to start preparing for a worst-case scenario.

Dems across social media are calling the constituents who vote for these potential defectors to lean Liberal and keep their seats blue.

According to Daily Kos, a far-left news source, eight potential defectors are listed with their contact info and a call to action to persuade them from flipping red. While these members of Congress are teetering on the edge of giving into reason, House Dems continue their impeachment farce. Sadly, the House is so blue it can afford to lose 17 seats and still move forward with impeachment proceedings.

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