Senator Warns of Chinese Power Grabs

Senator Warns of Chinese Power Grabs

( – A Republican senator has warned that China is using the coronavirus pandemic it created as a smokescreen to mask a series of power grabs along its borders. Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR) told Fox News the communist dictatorship has taken “very aggressive action” against most of the countries it borders.

Cotton reeled off a list of Chinese aggressions over the past few months – none of them exactly new, but all of which have seriously escalated while the world’s attention is on fighting the Wuhan virus. He reminded Fox that China has recently invaded the territory of India, a major US ally, killing 20 Indian troops. They’ve also harassed Japan, Taiwan, Vietnam, Malaysia and the Philippines, all of which are US trade partners or regional allies.

The communist regime is also hardening its treaty-breaking crackdown on Hong Kong, and as part of that process is issuing a new list of foreigners who will face visa restrictions on visits to China. Regional experts say Cotton is likely to be one of a handful of US names on that list in retaliation to his opposition to Chinese aggression.


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