Senator Warns Against Chinese Deceptions

Senator Warns Against Chinese Deceptions

( – An Arkansas senator has blasted the Chinese regime, accusing them of lying about their role in the coronavirus pandemic. China claims to have the virus under control and is even shipping medical equipment to other countries in an attempt to position itself as a savior. However, there are doubts about the communist government’s honesty — and the quality of its medical supplies.

The “Facts” Don’t Add Up

Senator Tom Cotton (R-AR) told Fox News on Sunday he believes the Chinese government is still lying about the extent of their own coronavirus epidemic after their earlier lies turned a local problem into a global pandemic.

  • Senator Cotton says he knew in January the Chinese government’s reactions to the virus could turn it into a global pandemic. He was certainly raising the alarm about a major cover-up in February.
  • Cotton believes the emergence of the virus may be linked to a high-security biological research laboratory in Wuhan, which is close to the market where the disease began to spread.
  • He also questions recent Chinese claims about their own fight against the virus. Beijing claims that no new cases of COVID-19 are appearing in the country and there have been no more deaths after the initial wave.
  • According to Cotton, that’s a lie. He points out that last week China lifted a nationwide shutdown of movie theaters – then reimposed it just days later. If there are no new cases, he says, why bring back this restriction?
  • Deliveries of urns to morgues in Wuhan also conflict with what the communists are saying. According to China, around 2,500 people have died of coronavirus in the country – but just one mortuary alone ordered 5,000 burial urns.

Are Chinese Supplies as Sketchy as Their Facts?

While people may still be dying in China, the country is trying to “help” other countries by shipping them medical supplies. However, their economy may be the only thing benefiting from these shipments. Of a million masks shipped to the Netherlands, 600,000 have reportedly turned out to be ineffective and give no protection against the virus. Spain and the Czech Republic bought hundreds of thousands of Chinese test kits, but they only give correct results 20-30% of the time.

Supplies aren’t the only issue either. According to the FDS, China represents 13% of the API (active pharmaceutical ingredients) companies supplying the US. While that number may not seem significant, China supplies even ingredients to countries like India, who in turn, supply generic medicines to the US. These meds include drugs like ibuprofen, acetaminophen, and various antibiotics.

Cotton warned that the US has become dangerously dependent on these and other Chinese pharmaceuticals. He says he’s sponsoring legislation that will encourage US firms to take up the slack and steadily cut China out of our drug market.

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