Senator Joni Ernst: “Border Crisis Is Very Real”

There’s been plenty of bad publicity falling out of the recent “fact-finding” visit to our southern border by a group of Democrat politicians. Any facts they might have found were lost in a sea of staged photos and ridiculous comparisons to Nazi Germany, mostly by perpetual motormouth Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY). Luckily a group of grown-up lawmakers has made another trip to get some real facts — and what they found was alarming.


Last week, three Republican senators toured a section of the Mexican border. This was no simple photo opportunity with some crying children and a bit of fence; they made a real effort to understand the situation, visiting several detention facilities and riding the border itself with Border Patrol agents.

  • After the visit, Senator Joni Ernst (R-IA) spoke to reporters, briefing them on what she’d learned. It’s going to make uncomfortable reading for opponents of the administration’s security policies.
  • Ernst says that, despite left-wing claims, the crisis on our border isn’t manufactured; it’s “very real — it is a humanitarian crisis.”
  • One of Ernst’s priorities during the visit was the detention centers slandered by AOC and her friends. Ernst totally rejected any comparison of the centers to concentration camps — an offensive claim that was actually made by the firebrand New York congresswoman.
  • What Ernst actually found was that the centers are “very safe” — but running out of room. She said, “The facilities are full. They’re at their maximum capacity.”
  • The numbers in the centers aren’t just uncomfortable for the people waiting in them; it’s a risk to our national security. Ernst found that the Customs and Border Protection agents are “extremely compassionate,” and their efforts to look after detainees are affecting their ability to patrol the border.
  • Ernst says about 60% of agents’ time is now being spent looking after detainees, and that means fewer agents are available to patrol the border. This is a recipe for a disastrous spiral. With fewer agents on the border, more people will enter the country illegally and need to be detained. That means even more agents will be needed to run the centers, and even fewer left to guard our border.
  • Finally, Ernst had some devastating criticism for the Left. During her visit, she found that agents working in the centers are using their own money to buy diapers and baby formula. Why? Because Democrats in Congress are blocking the funds needed to look after detainees properly.

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