Senator Calls Out CNN Reporter

Senator Calls Out CNN Reporter

( – Senate Republicans aren’t taking anything from Liberals as preparations are made for impeachment hearings.

Manu Raju, a CNN congressional correspondent, attempted to get a few words from Sen. Martha McSally (R-AZ) regarding the Senate impeachment proceedings. Instead of receiving complacency like he’s used to, Raju got snubbed as he deserved. In the video below, the esteemed senator can be heard calling Raju a “Liberal Hack” not once, but twice for good measure.

Honestly, why should a senior reporter from a fake news organization be given the time of day from a busy Senator?

McSally was appointed to take over the seat of the late John McCain in 2018. Between her re-election coming up this year and the impeachment farce moving to the Senate, McSally simply doesn’t have time to play games. Why can’t the country just leave her and the Senate alone to do the job they were elected to carry out?

Maybe more Republicans should take note of McSally’s appropriate attitude towards the MSM.

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