Senate Could Change America if Democrats Gain Control

Senate Could Change America if Democrats Gain Control

( – If Democrats gain the majority in the US Senate in the November elections, it could forever change the landscape of America. That’s according to several prominent Republicans, including Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY).

By eliminating the filibuster, adding Washington, DC, and Puerto Rico as new states, and packing the federal courts with liberal judges, the Senate would look completely different.

McConnell stressed from the Senate floor that Democrats aren’t interested in debate or persuading people to come to their side to achieve legislative wins for America. Instead, they want the rules changed so they can guarantee their liberal agenda is fulfilled. To accomplish their objectives long-term, Democrats need four more guaranteed senators and liberal judges that will support their causes.

The US Senate’s website says the framers of the Constitution created the deliberative body to protect the rights of the states and ensure the minority opinion in government. The Democrats can’t win, so they prefer to change the rules and eliminate the founding father’s purpose for the Senate.

The only way for Americans to have a say in what happens in the Senate is to get out and vote November 3rd,

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