Senate Approves $250 Million for Election Security

Senate Approves $250 Million for Election Security

The Senate has finally allocated $250 million towards increasing election security measures across the nation after a fierce battle across partisan lines. Democrats blamed Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY) for sandbagging any notion to improve our nation’s defenses against election interference. They even resorted to the nickname “Moscow Mitch” to falsely insinuate that McConnell has special interests in seeing Russia interfere with America’s electoral system.

Russia, being a centerpiece in this discussion, conducted cyberattacks against America and effectively swayed public opinion during the 2016 presidential election. Sen. Chris Coon (D-DE) explained the urgency behind passing this funding bill:

In 2016 we all know the Russian government’s military intelligence branch directed extensive activity against our election infrastructure and I think there is important undone work in providing modest federal support that will make some progress in assuring that our election infrastructure is protected.

-Sen. Chris Coon

Even though America will see improvements to its electoral security, some organizations believe this isn’t enough to secure our elections in full. The National Election Defense Coalition, a 501(c)(3) non-profit group, believes that this bill is only a half-measure towards fixing the real problems. They released a public statement conveying their concerns on what they believe the true issues are:

Apparently, “simple, baseline security guidelines” are missing from this new bill. This could be due to partisan fighting or a misunderstanding of the true problems behind election security. In any case, it seems that further investigation and more comprehensive policies are needed to truly protect the upcoming 2020 elections.

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