Security Clearances REVOKED For These CONSERVATIVES!

Feds Are Allegedly Revoking Security Clearances of Select Conservatives

Feds Are Allegedly Revoking Security Clearances of Select Conservatives

( – Controversy continues to swirl around the FBI for its alleged mishandling of whistleblowers providing protected disclosures to Congress. Conspicuously, a recent notice to the agency’s Human Resources Bureau (HRB) revealed the Feds are allegedly revoking the security clearances of select Conservatives.

On Thursday, September 29, three ranking House Judiciary Committee members sent a letter to HRB Executive Assistant Director Jennifer Moore detailing their investigation into “serious allegations of abuse and misconduct” by senior officials in the DOJ and FBI. Representatives Jim Jordan (R-OH), Darrell Issa (R-CA), and Mike Johnson (R-LA) noted that Ms. Moore’s signature appeared on several notices advising conservative FBI agents that the agency revoked their security clearances as part of an effort to “purge” the agency of unwanted voices.

The letter accused Moore of retaliating against at least one whistleblower after they made “protected disclosures” to Congress. The three congressmen also said that FBI whistleblowers had told the Judiciary Committee that Moore participated in efforts to revoke the security clearances of employees “for their conservative views.”

Retaliating against whistleblowers violates Title 5 of the United States Code, the letter explained, adding that the three Republican representatives had advised Attorney General Merrick Garland and FBI Director Christopher Wray that disclosures to Congress are protected.

The letter concluded with a demand for Ms. Moore to preserve current and future documents in her possession detailing the Republican’s allegations and to contact Judiciary Committee staff to schedule a date to testify.

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