Secret Chinese Spies Uncovered

Secret Chinese Spies Uncovered

Currently, President Trump believes that China is the greatest espionage threat compared to every other country in the world.

His concerns seem to be justified. A recent story regarding Chinese embassy officials revealed a worrying power dynamic between the United States and China. Though it happened in September, neither government publicized the event until now.

Two Chinese embassy officials “mistakenly” drove onto a secret military base in Virginia. When confronted by security guards, they spoke poor English and claimed to have gotten lost while sightseeing. They were asked to turn their vehicle around and leave the premises.

In spite of the warning, the two officials then continued to drive straight onto the military base. The drivers evaded military personnel before being stopped by fire trucks blocking their path — they were then detained.

Officials believe that at least one of them is an intelligence officer for the Chinese government. Both of the Chinese embassy officials were expelled from the country for the actions. This is the first time a Chinese diplomat has been expelled from the US in over 30 years.

This latest event proves that America must continue its diligence in keeping an eye out for potential spies and others who would subvert our great nation.

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