Second Dem Debate Signals Swerve to the Left

The most recent Democratic Party debate was a dramatic public escalation of the party’s split between traditional centrists and the new, radical wing that’s gaining power fast — and, maybe, making the Dems unelectable. In what’s being billed as “the moderate’s last stand,” several candidates took aim at the far-left policies being pushed by big names like Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren. Is it too late for them to save their party from the lure of tax-and-spend politics? It’s too early to say just yet, but moderates have a vicious fight ahead of them.


The second Democrat debate was presented like a title fight, with each candidate getting a dramatic introduction to the audience. The intro was nothing compared to what followed though, with the divide between the wings of the party brutally highlighted.

  • The main disagreement between the two groups is how much money the government should be spending, although that simple fact is buried under a pile of emotional appeals.
  • Former Maryland congressman, John Delaney, opened the culture war by accusing Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren of promising “free everything.” His main target was the “Medicare for all” plan devised by Sanders and pushed by most of the Left.
  • According to Delaney, Medicare for all is a huge vote winner — for President Trump. Sanders wants to ban private health insurance, force everyone to use Medicare and open the program to illegal immigrants. All this will be paid for by huge tax increases for the middle class.
  • Delaney said of Sanders and Warren, “They’re running on telling half the country that your insurance is illegal.” That’s true, and it’s an unpopular opinion — most people like their private insurance, and when you tell people Medicare for all would ban it, they turn decisively against the plan.
  • A bigger problem is how it will all be paid for. Medicare and Medicaid already swallow huge amounts of government cash. Expand them to cover the whole country and massive tax increases will be needed to fund them.
  • Delaney asked, “Why do we have to be so extreme? Why can’t we give them all health care as a right, and give them a choice?” John Hickenlooper backed him up, saying Americans “should have the right to make a decision” on health care.
  • Most Americans would probably rate Delaney the star of the show after he warned his fellow candidates that “We win when we run on things that make sense.”
  • The audience seemed to lap up the hardline socialism of Sanders and Warren, though. The leftists picked up the most applause, and they were totally unrepentant about their plans to take money from American workers and spend it on entitlements on an enormous scale. Dem voting intentions seem to follow this trend; less than 1% of registered Democrats plan to vote for Delaney.
  • Sanders says “every credible poll” shows him beating Donald Trump if he gets the nomination. That’s true. But Delaney had a final warning for the antique socialist — “Hillary Clinton was winning in the polls, too.”

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