Sean Hannity Creams Anderson Cooper in the Ratings

Sean Hannity Creams Anderson Cooper in the Ratings

( – The Fox News Channel ranked as the nation’s most-watched cable network for the seventh consecutive year in 2022, according to long-time data and market measuring firm Nielsen Media Research. The conservative network averaged 2.3 million weekday viewers during primetime programming slots opposed to MSNBC, which netted 1.2 million, and CNN, with a paltry 730,000. In keeping with that trend, Fox News host Sean Hannity recently wiped the floor with CNN’s Anderson Cooper in the latest ratings battle.

On Monday, January 23, Abrams Media news portal Mediaite reported Hannity’s self-titled primetime program brought in nearly 2.18 million viewers the previous Friday — roughly five times as many as CNN’s “Anderson Cooper 360,” with only 441,000. MSNBC’s Alex Wagner Tonight also trampled Cooper with more than 1.3 million viewers.

Anderson Cooper’s program wasn’t the only big loser for CNN that day. Fox News “The Five” trounced “The Lead with Jake Tapper” a whopping 3.13 million viewers to 642,000. Other ratings casualties included “CNN Tonight,” which had only 364,000 viewers to Fox’s “The Ingraham Angle” with 1.74 million and Gutfeld’s 1.93 million compared to CNN’s 252,000.

Overall, the individual networks’ ratings mirrored those stats. Fox News hit 2.22 million average viewers per program. MSNBC managed to cross the halfway mark hitting 1.25 million. CNN was the loser of the day, receiving fewer than half a million.

The 25 to 54-year-old group, an essential demographic for cable media, showed Fox News in the lead again, averaging 277,000 viewers, with MSNBC and CNN only picking up 135,000 and 91,000, respectively.

Fox News Media President Jay Wallace talked to Forbes in 2022 about the network’s longstanding success in attracting viewers. He attributed the network’s consistency to “knowing your audience” and maintaining a lineup of “compelling talent.”

Billionaire Rupert Murdoch owns Fox News and longstanding print media companies The Times of London and The Wall Street Journal. His eldest son, Lachlan Murdoch, serves as the co-chair of News Corp and Fox Corporation’s CEO. Forbes currently estimates the Murdock family’s fortune at $18.2 billion.

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