SCOTUS Slows Down Dems

SCOTUS Slows Down Dems

( – Earlier this month, the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) ruled House Democrats could not have access to President Donald Trump’s financial records just yet. Instead, they kicked the case back down to lower court so questions related to the separation of powers could be sorted out. Now, the justices on the court are once again rejecting a request from the Left.

On July 20, the high court turned down a request by House Democrats to fast track court battles related to subpoenas demanding Trump’s tax returns. The unsigned order says the Liberal lawmakers’ motion was denied, but also stated Justice Sonya Sotomayor disagreed.

It’s likely the Democrats wanted the cases fast-tracked before the presidential election hoping for some sort of bombshell. The SCOTUS justices aren’t playing along though. On July 9, in Trump v. Mazars USA, they made it clear that the subpoenas will not be settled until lower courts take “adequate account” of the high court’s concerns.

The ruling is good news for the president who is fighting tooth and nail to keep the Dems from violating his privacy.

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