SCOTUS Settles Political Scandal

SCOTUS Settles Political Scandal

( – Years after rulings on the Bridgegate scandal of 2013 were passed, the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) has overturned the judgment. Convictions against two associates of then-New Jersey Governor Chris Christie were overturned. The short video below gives an overview of the scandal.

Essentially, the aides were convicted on federal fraud charges for manufacturing traffic jams as a way to punish a local mayor’s refusal to endorse Chris Christie for governor. They were convicted in 2016 and served prison time. Christie stated that this Supreme Court decision is exoneration for his team from the “prosecutorial misconduct” of Obama’s Justice Department.

The unanimous 9-0 ruling to overturn the convictions wasn’t without an addendum. Justice Elena Kagan said that although there was evidence of “deception, corruption, and abuse of power,” the federal fraud statute in question has nothing in it to criminalize that conduct.


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