SCOTUS Blocks Congress in Win for Trump

SCOTUS Blocks Congress in Win for Trump

( – Democrats in the House have been investigating President Donald Trump since they took over Congress. When their evidence failed to convict him during the impeachment trial, the lawmakers kept right on digging. But now, the Supreme Court of the US (SCOTUS) has handed the commander-in-chief a win against them this week.

On July 9, the high court issued its opinion in the Trump v. Mazars case and it means President Trump has more time to fight what he believes are malicious prosecutions. The justices ruled 7-2 to block Congressional subpoenas for the president’s financial documents until a lower court is able to work out questions related to the separation of powers.

The ruling means the battle over the president’s financial records is unlikely to be resolved before the presidential election. So, if Democrats were planning on using that against him, that’s not going to happen now.


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