Schools Are Quietly Hiding Data on Children

Schools Are Quietly Hiding Data on Children

( – A new education scandal is brewing in a Virginia county after a woke school district changed the rules on sex lessons. After pressure from trans activists, the district is bringing in mixed-gender sex ed classes. Parents and teachers aren’t happy with the change.

Fairfax County Public Schools (FCPS) is the most populous in Virginia and the 10th most populous in the entire US. It has more than 185,000 students spread across 222 schools. Up to now, those students have received sex education in separate classes for boys and girls, but recently that long-established policy has come under fire from left-wing activists. The radicals claim it “harms” students who identify as transgender and is demanding mixed classes. Now the district’s Family Life Committee has decided to give in to their demands — despite data showing massive opposition from students, parents and teachers.

On March 4, the Fairfax County Parents Association (FCPA) released an official survey about the proposed changes, which the school district had ordered — but then kept hidden. It showed there was massive opposition to combined sex ed classes, with almost 85% opposed to it. Three-quarters of students opposed the move, along with 87% of teachers and 88% of parents. According to FCPA, the district buried the survey to hide just how unpopular the proposal was and pushed it through anyway.

This isn’t the first time FCPS has caused outrage with woke policies. In January, local mother Asra Nomani found out her son had earned the National Merit Commended Student Award in 2021, but the district had kept the award secret to avoid hurting the feelings of students who didn’t get awards. Apparently FCPS didn’t care about the feelings of students who could have cited awards on their college applications but were never told they’d won them. The district later admitted it had hidden hundreds of these awards. At the time, it apologized for the “error.” Now it seems determined to make an even bigger one.

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