School Board Passes New Gun Rule for Educators

School Board Passes New Gun Rule For Educators

( – A Texas school board plans to let specially qualified personnel carry guns at work. The new program is designed to let teachers defend against school shooters until the police arrive. Not everyone is in favor, though; anti-gun groups, and some parents, have already condemned the plan.

On December 12, the board of Keller Independent School District voted 4-3 to approve a “guardian” program in the district’s schools. Under the scheme, teachers who volunteer and pass a psychological evaluation will obtain a carry permit and then undergo 50 hours of training. After that, they’ll be allowed to carry a handgun on campus.

Board member Micah Young explained that “it’s probably going to be 10 to 15 minutes before police arrive” and said having armed teachers already on the scene would tilt the odds in favor of students threatened by a shooter.

Keller ISD, located just north of Fort Worth, has already doubled the number of police on its campuses, but there are still concerns about response times. In May, 19 students and two teachers died in the Uvalde massacre while police waited outside for over an hour. The guardian program means defense against a shooter won’t need to wait for cops to take action.

There is opposition to the program. When the board sent out a survey ahead of the vote, 848 of 1,181 responses were against it and only 60 in favor. However, supporters say that around 400 Texas school districts already have guardian programs, with zero incidents reported — and the board likes those odds.

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