Schiff vs. Trump: The Feud Heats Up

Schiff vs. Trump: The Rivalry Heats Up

( – The heat between President Trump and Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) just got kicked up a few notches.

Trump went on the offensive against Schiff on Twitter, which started the next stage of the feud between the two.

Schiff went on NBC’s “Meet the Press” and addressed Trump’s commentary. He said, “Look at the president’s tweets about me today saying that I should pay a price.” When asked if he took that statement as a threat, Schiff replied, “I think it’s intended to be.”

The president took notice of this program and fired back.

How is telling the truth meant to be a threat? It’s only threatening to Schiff because he knows he’s dishonestly leading the impeachment charge against President Trump. Schiff can only keep this up for so long before his credibility becomes so tarnished that no one will ever trust him again.

Schiff is panicking and Trump knows it.

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