Schiff Needs To Stop Harming Country, Says Graham

Schiff Needs To Stop Harming Country, Says Graham

Senate Judiciary Committee chairman Lindsay Graham (R-SC) is preparing for an impeachment trial after the House finishes its part in the process — but he’s not happy about it.

Graham has a range of criticisms of the Trump impeachment, including the fact it’s the first impeachment that’s been pushed entirely from within the House and doesn’t have a special prosecutor, and that it’s based on the testimony of an anonymous “whistleblower.” As Graham pointed out, you can’t get a parking ticket in the US on the basis of an anonymous denunciation.

Graham’s harshest criticism was reserved for Congressman Adam Schiff (D-CA), his House counterpart, who has worked hard to push the process forward. Graham says what Schiff is doing is dangerous for the country “and he needs to stop.”

Unless Schiff can come up with some real evidence, instead of just anonymous claims, the impeachment process could stop pretty quickly on the floor of the Senate. Graham made clear, “When 51 of us say we’ve heard enough, the trial is going to end. The president’s going to be acquitted.”

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