Sarah Palin Takes the Witness Stand

Sarah Palin Takes the Witness Stand

( – It’s been a long legal road for former Alaska governor and vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin on her quest for justice against the New York Times (NYT). The paper published an op-ed regarding one of her speeches, attempting to hold her responsible for random acts of gun violence. Now, Palin is standing up to the liberal media outlet’s horrific accusation.

Former NYT editorial page editor James Bennet said the wording of the piece in question was a “terrible mistake,” and added that “We are human. We do make mistakes.” The Times corrected the error and apologized, but the damage was done.

Palin filed a lawsuit against the outlet in 2017 for an unspecified amount.

The Battle Begins

The legal battle to have the case heard began when Federal Judge Jed Rackoff dismissed the case, citing freedom of the press and affirming the Times’ assertion that they are allowed to make mistakes. However, a federal appeals court overturned that ruling, noting that Judge Rackoff had “erred in relying on acts outside the pleadings to dismiss the complaint.” Essentially, the court ruled that Rackoff had used the assumption of a “mistake” rather than allowing the legal system to determine if there was malicious intent or not.

Libby Locke and Ken Turkel, lawyers for Palin, commented on the reversal saying, “This is, and has always been, a case about media accountability. We are pleased with the Court’s decision.”

After some initial scheduling issues and Palin’s short bout with COVID-19, the case moved forward. On Wednesday, February 9, Palin took the stand for about 20 minutes and described herself as a mother and grandmother who holds down the fort.

More at Stake Than a Single Lawsuit

Sarah Palin isn’t pursuing the New York Times because she needs the money. She’s suing them to put liberal mainstream media outlets on notice that there will be accountability. Conservative politicians are blamed for the horrific acts of random people all the time, as long as it suits the Left’s agenda. In this case, Sarah Palin was collateral damage in a war of false narratives.

Whether or not the editor is sorry is irrelevant. A jury will decide if the NYT purposely attacked Sarah Palin, connecting her to one of the Left’s favorite urban legends, or if their “mistake” should go unpunished.

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