Sarah Palin Calls AOC and Other Leftists “Fake Feminists”

Sarah Palin Calls AOC and Other Leftists

( – Former Alaska governor and Republican vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin has blasted leading female Democrats as “fake feminists,” saying they just use feminist arguments to deflect attention from real issues.

Talking to Fox News on Sunday, Palin called out Vice President Kamala Harris and Representative Alexandria Ocasion-Cortez (D-NY) for threatening the progress women have made over the last few decades. “Man, these fake feminists,” she said, accusing the prominent Dems of responding to every issue with “Oh, it’s our gender.” Instead, she said, “It’s your work ethic.”

Ocasio-Cortez was recently criticized for traveling to Florida with her boyfriend and socializing without a mask on, ignoring the mandates she’s been very keen to impose on everyone else. When a conservative journalist commented on this, the radical congresswoman’s reply was to accrue Republicans of taking out their sexual frustration on her. Palin branded this “junior high-ish creepy” and speculated that Ocasio-Cortez has never been held accountable for anything she’s done.

It’s common for people like Ocasio-Cortez to focus on race, gender and other characteristics as being the source of all problems in society. The problem is, much of the time they don’t actually have anything to do with the problem – and, even if they do, the Left’s remedy is actually worse than the issue at hand.

If universities or employers set different, lower standards for “non-males” or black people, isn’t that racism?

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