Sanders Wins Big in Nevada

Sanders Wins Big in Nevada

( – Over the weekend, Senator Bernie Sanders (D-VT) became the official frontrunner of the Democratic Party after winning the Nevada caucuses. After the win, which should see him getting 18 delegates, the self-proclaimed socialist will have 35, with Pete Buttigieg trailing him with 24.

Buttigieg, however, claimed the caucuses were “plagued with errors.” He wrote a letter asking the Nevada State Democratic Party to release the in-person and early vote totals. A spokeswoman for the party, Molly Forgey, responded to the request on Twitter:

Bernie, for his part, celebrated the victory by saying Fidel Castro wasn’t so bad in an interview on Sunday. He also started a war with the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) calling the organization’s platform “bigotry.”

In other words, his campaign isn’t off to a great start this week. Not only has he managed to anger Florida voters, many of whom have a totally different view of Fidel Castro, but the Jewish senator has also made fellow Jews upset. His missteps are making it look more likely that President Donald Trump is going to sail to victory in November.

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