Sanders Tests the Water for 2020

Sanders Tests the Water for 2020
Sanders Tests the Water for 2020

It looks like veteran socialist, Bernie Sanders, is dipping a toe in the electoral bath, after some interesting comments at a talk on Tuesday. Speaking at George Washington University to promote his new book, Bernie danced around the issue of whether or not he’s planning another run at the Democratic Party nomination in 2020.
True to form, Bernie didn’t give a straight answer when he was asked if he still wants to be POTUS, but he did drop a couple of hints. The strongest was to say that he was “taking the temperature” around the country, looking to find out if he was the candidate with the best chance of blocking a second term for President Trump. It’s pretty obvious that he thinks he is.
A lot of the talk was about how Sanders thinks he’s made “progressive” ideas more mainstream in the USA. Bernie seems to believe he’s some kind of Left-wing messiah, leading the country towards the sort of utopian ideas that gave us Cuba, North Korea, East Germany and Venezuela. He also had some ideas for where “progressives” should go next.
One of his ideas is to make college tuition free, which really means making ordinary working Americans pay for other people’s kids to get a degree in organic basket weaving. Another is to legalize drugs, which is probably good news if you’re a dealer but not so great if you have teenage kids.
Sanders also defended the mainstream media against criticism from the White House. That’s to be expected considering how TV and print journalists fawned over him through the 2016 campaign.
One thing the media glossed over about Bernie is that while he was chasing the Democratic Party nomination and looks likely to do it again, he isn’t a member of the Democratic Party. In fact Sanders sits in the Senate as an independent and caucuses with the Democrats, but his personal politics are way to the left of that. He’s been a member of a couple of other parties, including the Socialists and the wacko “democratic socialist” Liberty Union Party, but never anything in the American political mainstream.
During his rambling talk Sanders complained about President Trump’s dealings with foreign leaders, his response to Hurricane Maria – which was actually run by the federal agencies Sanders likes so much – and the Mueller investigation into the 2016 election. Then he finished by saying the Democrats “cannot simply be the anti-Trump party.”