Sanders’ Sympathy for Soviet Union Uncovered

Sanders' Sympathy for Soviet Union Uncovered

( – While liberal media outlets generally aren’t trustworthy, sometimes they publish a rare gem of truth. Sen. Bernie Sanders (D-VT) has come under attack from all sides for his open association with socialist ideology. A New York Times exclusive did some digging into Sanders’ trip to the Soviet Union and how it might be connected to its attempt to spread socialist propaganda into America.

During his time as mayor of Burlington, VT, Sanders wrote to one of his equals in the Soviet Union about his hopes that the Soviets and the US could “live together as friends.” However, Sanders may not have suspected that this benevolent act played into Soviet interests. For their part, the Soviets wanted to “reveal” that “American imperialism” was the primary danger of a war between the countries.

The media outlet examined 89 pages of evidence, including letters, telegrams, and Soviet government documents, showing that Sanders intended to make lasting connections between his city of Burlington and the Soviet Union.

Intentionally or not, it seems that Sanders previously bought into socialist propaganda, which could explain his sympathy for the socialist ideology he continues to champion.

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