Sanders Supporters Accused of Harassment

Sanders Supporters Accused of Harassment After Bullhorn Protest

( – Bernie Sanders got dragged into another scandal over the behavior of his supporters last week when complaints surfaced about noisy protests outside the homes of Democrat politicians. The protestors claim they’re carrying out legitimate protests to prevent the nomination process being rigged against Sanders, but cops have been called on them at least twice after late-night disturbances.


The night before the Nevada caucus on February 21, a group of Bernie supporters gathered outside the home of Nevada Democratic Party Chairman William McCurdy. The protest began around 11 pm.

  • Protest leader Maria Estrada, a Dem activist from Los Angeles, came armed with a bullhorn which she used to bellow warnings at McCurdy’s home. She demanded assurances that there would be no “shenanigans” at the caucus, along with allegations that the 2016 contest was rigged against Sanders.
  • McCurdy, understandably annoyed at himself, his family, and his neighbors being disturbed at home late at night, went outside around midnight and confronted the group, telling them they had crossed a line. Estrada replied, “If any bullshit happens tomorrow the only person who crossed the line is you.”
  • Faced with this ignorant refusal to stand down from the protesters, McCurdy then called North Las Vegas Police, but Estrada and her followers had slipped away by the time they arrived.
  • It’s now known that Estrada has used the same tactics at least three other times in the last few weeks, always targeting mainstream Democrats she thinks are opposed to her favored candidate.
  • Estrada’s earlier targets include California Secretary of State Alex Padilla and California party chairman Rusty Hicks. The police were called twice.
  • Talking to the website Politico, Estrada claimed she has a right to carry out these protests. While the law does allow for peaceful protests, yelling into a bullhorn in a residential suburb at midnight is not considered peaceful in most jurisdictions.
  • Regardless of the bad publicity her activities are generating for Sanders, Estrada says she’s going to continue the protests.
  • It isn’t just the innocent neighbors of Democrat officials who’re facing harassment and disruption from the Berners. During the run-up to the Nevada caucus, the state’s Culinary Union – which represents tens of thousands of workers in hotels, restaurants, and casinos – reported that it had been attacked by Sanders supporters after opposing his “Medicare for All” plans.
  • The behavior of Sanders fans echoes that of Momentum, the UK leftist group formed to support Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn. Like Sanders, Corbyn is a socialist relic whose political opinions are stuck in a 1960s student debating society. Also like Sanders, he inspired a fanatically loyal movement of mostly younger fans who believed he would bring about the promised socialist utopia.
  • Last December, Corbyn led the Labour Party to its worst electoral obliteration since the early 1930s.

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