Sanders’ Plans to “Help” America

Sanders' Plans to

( – Sen. Bernie Sanders (D-VT) has surged in the polls and seems to be on track to take the DNC nomination. With all of that success going to his head, Bernie is formulating collections of executive orders that he believes would “fix” America if he were elected president.

These are some of the “solutions” that Sanders might implement during his time in the White House:

  • Consider over a dozen ways to reverse Trump’s immigration policies
  • Raise the number of refugees allowed in America
  • Halt the construction of the border wall
  • Reinstate the Obama-era DACA program to grant legal status to undocumented child immigrants
  • Unilaterally allow the US to import Canadian prescription drugs
  • Declare climate change as a national emergency
  • Ban exports of crude oil
  • Enforce a $15-per-hour minimum wage

Sanders would also force the funding of Planned Parenthood for access to abortions.

The list of Sanders’ “progressive” agenda goes on. Obviously, these solutions would do drastic harm to this country. That’s not the way Bernie sees it, though.

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