Sanders Comes Out SWINGING With GOP’s Rebuttal to SOTU

Sanders Comes Out SWINGING With GOP's Rebuttal to SOTU

( – President Biden gave his second State of the Union (SOTU) address on Tuesday, and of course, he attempted to talk up the achievements of his presidency so far. Arkansas Governor Sarah Sanders (R) was quick to offer the GOP’s official rebuttal, and she didn’t pull any punches. In a stunning performance, she tore Biden’s claims apart and left him in no doubt as to which party is the real defender of freedom.

Sanders Takes Aim at Wokeness

In his February 7 SOTU address, Biden claimed to have brought the US out of the pandemic and revitalized the economy. He said his administration has created a record number of jobs and is “investing in places and people that have been forgotten.” He also called on Republicans to work with him in the new Congress, neatly glossing over the extreme left-wing policies pushed by many in his party.

Biden, now 80, is the oldest president in US history. Many Democrats are worried his age is starting to show — and, just to drive the point home, his address was rebutted by a Republican half his age. Forty-year-old Sarah Huckabee Sanders, who was elected as the country’s youngest governor last November, systematically dismantled the president’s claims and set out a very different GOP future for the country.

Sanders slammed Biden’s administration for being obsessed with “woke fantasies,” highlighting the divisiveness of the left-wing racial theories being taught in many public schools. She said ordinary Americans are now caught up in “a left-wing culture war we didn’t start and never wanted to fight” while big tech companies collude with the government to restrict freedom of speech.

Although Sanders is just beginning her first term as governor, she was White House press secretary during the Trump administration. After the SOTU speech, she drew on her experience to contrast Biden’s policies with the Republican vision of an America of “strong families… safe communities; where jobs are abundant and paychecks are rising.” She added she has little in common with Biden because he wants more government control, and she supports our citizens’ traditional freedoms.

The governor highlighted how, since her election, she’s pushed back against far-left ideas like critical race theory and worked to remove restrictions placed on citizens over the past two years. She warned that the Biden administration has been “completely hijacked” by the far left and said the confrontation in US politics isn’t between left and right anymore; it’s “between normal and crazy.”

Ending on a positive note, Sanders said a new generation of GOP leaders is emerging and “will show the world that America is still the place where freedom reigns and liberty will never die.”

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