Sanders Comes Out Fighting In Fiery Debate

Sanders Comes Out Fighting In Fiery Debate

( – The Democratic debate turned personal Sunday night. Struggling far-Left candidate, Senator Bernie Sanders (D-VT), hit back hard at front-runner Joe Biden. The progressive leader is falling far behind the former vice president.

Is he taking it personally?

Sanders repeatedly attacked Biden’s four decade long record throughout the debate. The Vermont senator was particularly aggressive when it came to the former vice president’s alleged support of Social Security cuts. Yet, Biden denies these claims.

Biden has moved left on many positions to try to cut into Sanders’ base. For example, he pledged to halt deportation for the first 100 days of his administration. He also said he wants to freeze fracking.

Picking off issues like this, while rejecting the ideals that make Sanders unpalatable to mainstream Democrats, has given him the edge in the primary. Currently, Biden has 892 delegates and Bernie has 741. Sanders’ performance last night suggests he knows this, but he plans to go down fighting.

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