Sanders: “Biden Wants to Buy Election”


The race for the Democrat nomination was already looking pretty carnivorous as radicals and moderates battled for the lead, but it took an even uglier turn Friday. Veteran socialist senator Bernie Sanders (D-VT) accused Joe Biden, one of the leading two candidates and solidly on the party’s moderate wing, of trying to “buy” the election.

It’s probably fear that prompted Sanders’s outburst. His far-left policies mean he doesn’t have many friends in the business community, so he struggles to attract donations. Most of what he does get comes in small donations from members of the public — his campaign emails usually ask for a contribution of $2.70 — and that gave him an early lead in fundraising. However, Biden is now getting his own fundraising into gear and corporate donors are likely to push him into the lead.

Responding with a fresh email appeal to his followers, Sanders wrote:

It should not be a surprise that wealthy donors of the political establishment are trying to buy this election.

He went on to call Super PACs, which have no limits on how much they can raise and spend, “a threat to our democracy” — before admitting “And frankly, they are a threat to our campaign.”

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