Sanctuary County Silently Re-Endorses ICE

Sanctuary County Silently Re-Endorses ICE

Liberals can’t seem to admit when they’re wrong, especially if the consequences of their errors cause real damage to their communities. Such is the case with the self-proclaimed sanctuary county of Montgomery County, Maryland. Its vitriolic opposition towards cooperating with ICE officials is wearing down on the county’s stability and safety.

In fact, earlier this year we reported on a truly disturbing story regarding Montgomery County’s position towards ICE and illegal immigrants. Instead of working with ICE, the county released a sexual predator (who was an illegal immigrant) out on bail — without informing ICE. This certainly isn’t the only case of Montgomery County putting politics over their constituents.

Now, they seem to have realized the error of their ways.

ICE officials now have more open access to previously restricted sections of the county jail to “ensure that [detainee] transfers are conducted in a safe environment.”

Of course, instead of openly announcing these policy changes to fix its dire situation, the county is underhandedly rolling back anti-ICE legislation. While this is a positive move, the fact that officials are being so underhanded about it is revealing.

Montgomery County might believe that its secrecy is working, but we’re keeping an eagle eye on their every move.

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